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Berlin Opera Academy Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany Opportunities

As an international program provider, Berlin Opera Academy facilitates summer study and internship abroad opportunities for university students. 

In order to ensure that undergraduate students have an academically rich educational experience abroad, BOA strives to forge relationships with international universities, colleges and study abroad opportunity providers.


Why study abroad with Berlin Opera Academy? 

The primary focus of BOA is to help musicians  bridge the gap between educational training and professional engagement by providing artistic, professional and linguistic training relevant to today's opera market. As a study abroad program, students can apply the technical knowledge of their home university studies to practical performance training while working side by side with students and staff from over 27 nations. These experiences are life changing for young musicians as international collaboration is a necessity in the opera world.  

Areas of Study 

Music Performance - Opera  

Music Performance - Instrumental  

Music Performance - Vocal Arts  

Internship Apprenticeship - Music Coaching, Directing, Costume Design, Conducting, Set Design & Building, Stage Management, Film & Media, Production & Management, Arts Administration, Theater & LX Tech   

For inquiries regarding partnering with Berlin Opera Academy as a study abroad local program provider, please get in touch:  [email protected]  

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