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Saluzzo Opera Academy

Sister Academy of BOA in Italy

Berlin Opera Academy has partnered with the Scuola APM in Saluzzo, Italy, to found the Saluzzo Opera Academy, located in a 14th century monastery, nestled in a medival city in the foothills of the Italian Alps.

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Freunde der Joseph Schmidt Musikschule e.V.

Host of Berlin Opera Academy Studios

Berlin Opera Academy is honored to be hosted by the beautiful Joseph Schmidt Musikschule each summer in the historic Köpenick Altstadt in Berlin. Made possible by the generosity of the Köpenick Bezirk and the Administration and Staff of the Joseph Schmidt Musikschule.

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The world's largest arts network - connecting talented artists with premier arts programs.

We are proud to share a partnership Acceptd: the world's largest arts network founded to better connect applicants with opportunities and streamline the recruiting and review process for decision-makers.

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Local Berlin Music Room Rentals

The Akademie für Künste or Academy for Art in Berlin

We are proud to share a partnership with the esteemed Akademie für Künste of Berlin. The institute is located in the heart of the city with sumptuous views over Berlin's culturally important sights, while newly outfitted with high caliber instruments in a modern yet stylish environment. It is in this Academy that our vocal staff and masterclasses occur, as well as our agent auditions.

Akademie für Künste and Berlin Opera Academy's partnership extends to workshops, competitions, masterclasses, audition training, excursions and concerts. The Akademie für Künste offers a travel experience based on cultural, musical and artistic experiences, and we are pleased to be able to mutually offer support.

Independently from Berlin Opera Academy the Akademie für Künste offers the following, year round. This may be of particular interest to those remaining in Berlin, or seeking to study and establish themselves here.

Practice Room Rental

Outfitted with a full variety of options according to cost, from state of the art Steinways, in larger spaces, to price appropriate yet quality pianos in smaller spaces, Akademie für Künste provides the best quality to cost space rentals in Berlin.

German Language Courses

In preparation for acceptance into German conservatories and Universities, Akademie für Künste offers German Language courses from the A1 - C2 levels. They offer comprehensive assistance specifically tailored to succeeding at the tests required prior to entrance examinations at universities

University Preparatory Courses in Music and Art

The Akademie für Künste offers preparatory courses in the fields of Art and Music. The teaching faculty is strengthened by support from the most important universities in Berlin, and extends through many fields. Pertinent to the Berlin Opera Academy, the areas of focus most related are Conducting, Singing - lieder, opera and oratorio, musical theater training and vocal pedagogy.

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logo of Akademie für Künste, Berlin Opera Academy partner