Berlin Opera Academy Studio Programs

BOA Studio for Professional Training

The BOA Studio for Professional Training is a self-guided program for singers at the beginning of their careers. With a specific focus on artistry, each singer will refine their technique, stagecraft, and language under the guidance of BOA Faculty. The program's main goal is to equip participants with the skills they need to embark on a singing career in Germany, while also fostering professional growth. Over the course of the month, singers will work in BOA facilities to prepare their audition materials to a professional level, complete a role study, audition for agents, and workshop self-promotion strategies to help them get a start in the industry and improve their employment prospects. Upon completion of the program, singers will leave Berlin with a German resume, the ability to connect with agents, a video audition recording, and the skills necessary to audition in Germany.

BOA Studio for Vocal Development

The BOA Studio for Vocal Development is a self-guided program designed for singers who want to improve their technique, artistry, and stage presence under the guidance of BOA Faculty, without the pressure of professional performance. The program's primary goal is to help each singer grow as an artist and musician. In addition to learning a new role, participants will have the opportunity to attend BOA opera rehearsals, providing them with an intensive summer of musical development. Our acting workshops and Masterclasses provide a supportive environment for exploring characters and dramatic intention, enhancing a singer's repertoire for performance and audition. Upon completion of the program, singers will leave Berlin with recordings of their work, improved German language skills, and greater artistic development.

A Typical Day in the Studio Program

Movement Class 9:00-10:00
  • Monday-Friday, a class focused on voice-body connection, with elements of yoga & movement.
Workshops with Studio Vocal Director 10:00-13:00
  • Technical development, focused both on acting and on vocal technique
Lunch 13:00-14:00
Self-directed afternoon Vocal Coachings & Masterclasses 14:00-17:00
  • BOA singers audit or work individually with faculty and visiting professors to develop their audition package arias, languages, interpretation and artistry.
Intensive German Language Class 17:00-18:00
  • Monday-Friday, a speaking-based class introducing singers to the German Language with focus on auditioning, communicating at rehearsal and interpretation of text. Beginner and Intermediate Levels.
Dinner 18:00-19:30
Self-directed evening Vocal Coachings & Masterclasses 19:30-21:30
  • Individual coachings tailored to singers' needs.
Career & Industry Workshops Group roundtable and workshop topics include: agent auditions, self-promotion, YAPs, German universities, employment visas, acting, and career mentorship.
Masterclasses Scheduled regularly, world-class singers, teachers, conductors and directors give guidance on vocal technique, aria presentation and successful auditioning.
Studio Sommersoirées Konzert BOA hosts a formal Sommersoirées Konzert where singers showcase their favorite arias.
Agent Auditions+ Audition for reputable German agents and receive authentic, individualized feedback on how to get hired.
Training Workshops* Group roundtable and workshop topics can include: audition preparation, presentation, German universities, acting, guidance & mentorship.
Role Study Prepare an additional role to audition for as a cover, to gain experience. Role study involves using individual coaching sessions to further develop the role and attending non-conflicting rehearsals to observe. The role will be evaluated at the end of the BOA, and, if successful, can be added to your resume.
Mock Auditions* Audition for experienced opera professionals and receive constructive, individualized feedback on how to improve your audition skills.

To take full advantage of the studio program, use BOA's open door policy: you are welcome to attend all rehearsals, coachings, masterclasses & all activities, including independently studying any role(s) of your choice.

TUITION: € 2950 : Studio Program Tuition (does not include Accommodation)

Scholarship support is not available for participation in the studio program

* Exclusive to the Studio for Vocal Development

+ Exclusive to the Studio for Professional Training

Opera summer program in Berlin
Opera summer program in Berlin
Opera summer program in Berlin