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Support the journey of your singers to Opera's most important city

Singers on stage at Berlin Opera Academy’s Fledermaus production

The best way to support the future of our young singers is to experience behind-the-scenes benefits by donating. Get the "backstage" experience by seeing the way opera's peak performers and teachers pass on their knowledge and guide the growth of the tomorrow's stars.

An ever increasing number of singing student emerge from universities seeking work, and finding that almost everywhere in the world, opera houses are closing, reducing their seasons, and reducing their pay. This is an extremely important time to support these singers to create a quality of singing who's raw beauty competes with modern distraction, through artistry.

Benefits of becoming a donor

We offer donors the opportunity to become part of the Berlin Opera Academy experience with the following benefits:

• Voluntary mention on BOA Website as Sponsor

• Thank you gift basket with BOA Merchandise and Letter from Singers & Staff

• Sponsor a singer and build a relationship of support

• Complimentary tickets to program performances

• Private performance

• Dinner with the Artistic Director